Examples of vehicles in this range would be “Super Duty” or “HD” large pickups, utility trucks, delivery/service vans and many types of two axle bobtail/box trucks [see more specific sizing notes below]. Many RVs less than 32′ in length and often depending on engine placement [pusher/puller] fall into this category of towing. Additionally our drivers are highly trained in medium-duty extrication and recovery.

Any vehicle with a manufacturer or aftermarket builder gross vehicle weight rating [GVWR] of 10,001 lbs or above requires at least medium duty equipment. Typically the upper end of this range is approximately 28,000 lbs GVWR before heavy-duty equipment is required for safe and legal towing. However this depends on the vehicle and the load it is carrying. Drivers of medium-duty towing equipment are required to have extensive additional training and state/federal licensing requirements. Medium-duty towing and service calls are charged at hourly rates with some travel time included.